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Testimonials & Thanks From
Leisure Acres Llamas Customers

At Leisure Acres, we're proud of our unwavering commitment to both
our customers and our animals. When it comes to the kind of
care we provide, our animals speak for themselves ...
so we thought we'd let our customers do the same!

We purchased our entire starter herd of llamas from the Leach's at Leisure Acres. We could not be more pleased with both the quality of the animals and the guidance and counsel we received from Sonja and Chuck. With their assistance and our great llamas, we have birthed some show quality crias with exceptional personalities and gentleness. If you're looking for outdoor animals to provide countless hours of companionship, we know of nothing better than llamas and nowhere better to buy than Leisure Acres.
David & Yvonne Prather, Full Circle Farms, Titusville, PA 16354

Chuck and Sonja Leach are true professionals. They have a wonderful farm and are truly in love with their llamas. Sonja took the time to determine my needs and find the best llamas for me. She has always been available to answer my questions and is quick to offer advice and encouragement. Her caring of both the llamas and new owners is evident. She is an invaluable resource who is also committed to further education of the llama community. I highly recommend Leasure Acre Llamas and have had a wonderful experience working with both Chuck and Sonja.
Louise & Mike Maine, Silverbrook Meadows Farm

Chuck & Sonja,
We had a great time. I was touched to have Sonja call Sunday night. The trip home went fine, no problems, We stopped several times and Grady and Sam jumped out to check on the "girls". We ran into rain at the state line so when we got home it was dark and rainin, but we got the girls settled in the barn.

I got them halter broke on Monday. I had a hard time finding a halter small enough for Patience. I had to adjust the smallest one I had to the last holes! I used the famous "Mallon inntertube method". It was actually neat to see them gradually succumb and stop pulling back. At one point when I checked in on them Patience was in a kush, just sort of "hanging out". Chastity is a bit more feisty and stubborn. She would relax on the tube until I came near then she would jump around and pull back. After a few repetitions of that she finally decided to quit that.

Later Monday afternoon, since it was a beautiful fall day we took the "girls" for a little walk around the yard. They did super, and in no time were walking along with us. Patience really enjoyed nibbling on the grass in my lawn but Chastity was a little too nervous to eat while on the lead. My older three llamas were quite intrigued by the newcomers. The pony, Holstein calf, dogs, puppies, ducks, and rabbits were real surprises for the new girls too! They are eating fine and seem to be quickly adjusting. Thank you for the bucket of pellets, that was a good idea for helping to ease the transition.

I am "tickled pink" to have Chastity and Patience, and am very appreciative of your letting them come to our farm. It was a pleasure doing business with you, You are both wonderful! I'll send photos and keep you up to speed on our progress.
Pattie B.

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